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Trappers in the Southwest are about to get screwded! Jaguar Endangered and Threatened in US, what a joke!

Trappers in the South West are about to get screwed with their coyote and bobcat trapping.  The National Trappers Association sent out an alert today. I’m sure some of you received this alert, but in case you have not, the anti’s are on the march and are going to mess up coyote trapping, bobcat trapping and predator control in Arizona and New mexico. Please take the time to read the Alert link below.


 TRAPPER NEWS ALERT!!!! The Jaguars are coming, the Jaguar’s are coming! Get ready to lose trapping rights in Arizona, New Mexico and probably Texas and Louisiana. The same MIS-management that they used against us in Maine is being rolled out in the South West.

The Government papers say ” human populations can effect the jaguars through hunting, poaching and depredation control” Now if they are worried about predator control, do you think they will allow us to trap for coyotes and bobcats?

“four jaguars have been spotted since 1996″. Four jaguars?, there has not been many seen because they do not LIVE IN THE US. Another quote from our federal biologist will back this up in a moment.

“no livestock predation has been reported since 1947″. That is because they NO NOT LIVE IN THE US. Now who with any logical brain power would think or believe that jaguars are running around the Southwest, and they are not eating sheep, goats and cattle.

“jaguars in the United States are understood to be individuals dispersing north from Mexico” That is because they DO NOT live here, the big cats wonder over from time to time. Causing havoc for some wondering cats is crazy, but not when you read the whole alert link. This will be used to control water, pastures, what a land owner can or can not do, predator control (i.e. trapping) and fences. If you read the alert, not only are these dirt bags going to use the jaguar to control land owners, they are going to use this as a reason not to have a fence for the illegal aliens that are invading our country.

” recently (1996 though 2011)  five, possibly six transit male jaguars have been documented in the United States”. Did you notice the word possibly in that quote. That means NOT ONE SINGLE JAGUAR HAS BEEN DOCUMENTED IN THE US. This fly’s in the face of science and the turn coat animal right activist biologist know it. I can tell them about 300 farmers that I have met over the years that MIGHT have seen a mountain lion in TN, GA and KY. Give me a break. I think I might have possibly seen ELVIS the other day at Tractor Supply! So since I have possibly seen Elvis, it has to a fact, so lets take control of some huge tracks of land around West TN to protect the stomping grounds of Elvis.

They then claim that a jaguar has been photographed in AZ in 2011, but this is un-published. In other words, they can not show you the picture, but just take their word for it.

The last documented jaguar (1995)was hunted by dogs and two hunter on the Mexican side of the border, CLOSE to AZ. Well that settles it. Well hell, if they have proof that a jaguar was CLOSE to the US 17 years ago, then we must put them on the endangered list and turn the Southwest on its ear. And these pecker heads wonder why the American people think they are a waste of tax payers money!

I’m sure the NTA, FTA, and the border trapping states will need some help. Yes this will mean money and some time for us to write some letters.

I would suggest that you add this post to your Facebook page, e-mail any trappers you know and tweet it from the mountain tops. Lets shed some light on these cockroaches! You have my permission to post this article in its entirety any where you can find a place for it.





  1. Clint Cary says:

    Saw this on my nta alert as well and thought i must have misunderstood it lol. I be glad to make a donation to fight off ridiculous ideas as such. Why don’t they worry about children with no homes and those who have actually tried to find work but can’t find jobs to support there family. The money they waste on this junk and for “a good cause”? give me a break.
    I’m all for legitimate wildlife management, i love wildlife and the outdoors. And i don’t mind giving donations to those who actually are working to improve habitat and wildlife. Oddly, most of these organizations are tied back to sportsmen?

    1. admin says:

      The alert is so long to read, but they tell on themselfs all the way through it

  2. Donnie Wolfe says:

    This is one of the reasons given for not wanting to build a fence along the Mexican border as well. It will disrupt the Big cats travels.

    From my research there have been two jaguars reported in Arizona since 1954. Of the two, one died.

    Southern Arizona is at the very very northern tip of their range, and has never had a viable population of these big cats. However, I see this turning into the same thing going on in Colorado with the Lynx. Just another way for the feds to lock up more publicly owned land, from the very public that paid for it.

  3. mcb says:

    They are all Idiots. And even if they were here kill them all I say. They’re not even native here so they aint gonna be extinct. Just another stupid childish idea to try and stop trapping.

  4. daniel carlson says:

    Why does most of the stupid things going on is always having Obama name invovled. I found this in looking at wikopedia on jaguars
    Legal action by the Center for Biological Diversity led to federal listing of the cat on the endangered species list in 1997. However, on January 7, 2008, George W. Bush appointee H. Dale Hall, Director of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, signed a recommendation to abandon jaguar recovery as a federal goal under the Endangered Species Act. Critics, including the Center of Biological Diversity and New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, were concerned the jaguar was being sacrificed for the government’s new border fence, which is to be built along many of the cat’s typical crossings between the United States and Mexico.[84] In 2010, the Obama Administration reversed the Bush Administration policy and pledged to protect “critical habitat” and draft a recovery plan for the species. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is under a court order to develop a jaguar recovery plan and designate critical habitat for the cats