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Bobcat trapping tip, saving time on your cage and foothold traps

Bobcat trapping with cage-live traps or footholds, saving time is a must if you are to get out and more importantly run your traps in an efficient manner. In the west and in some areas in the East, walking is just part of the bobcat trapping game. If you are lucky, you will be able to set right on bobcat locations within a few feet of your truck or four-wheeler.
Bobcat locations in some areas are not close to the road. On the other hand, setting right on the road might get your bobcat and trap stolen. For whatever reason, walking is part of the game. You will have to carry your cage or foothold gear over to the right spot, then make the set. The trick is to find ways to check you traps from a distance. In this trapping video ED uses a flag on the door of his bobcat cages. Then he uses field glasses to see the flag from close to his truck. Ed lives in some open country, with at times, a lot of people.
You might go with a flag, pop-bottle or a plastic bag. I would recommend making your flag look like some trash ended up on a bush. You goal is to have your flag in place so you can see it. The other goal of yours should be to not have a person see your flag and think it is marking something.
This same concept can be used on foothold traps. This is simple, but not as effective as on a cage traps. When the cage trap is not fired, the flag is high. If you wrap your trap chain around a tall pole with a flag on it. It should in theory fall over when you have a catch. This is fool-proof if the animal pulls and fights the trap. In this manner, it is a nice idea. The down side is you might catch a skunk and he not pull the chain hard enough to pull over the chain around your pole and drop you flag. The other thing to keep in mind is that you might have a sprung trap, no animal, and the pole is still standing tall. So you will need to go over and check every few days.