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After you Trap your Bobcats, Putting up bobcat fur, Top Dollar Cats video

After you Trap your Bobcats, Putting up bobcat fur, Top Dollar Cats video

I learned this method of handling bobcat fur from Joey Vandyke of North carolina. If I remember right Joey explained this to me over the phone. Let me tell you light bulbs went off and bells started ringing in my head. It made sense to me and I could see that the nevada style of fur handling would make me more money on good cats and even on lower grade bobcats a like.

Like it or not, bobcats are graded with the eye of the beholder. Sure there are SOME standards in the bobcat fur industry, but each and every bobcat is different. The first impression is the lasting impression to the cat grader. You only get one first impression. A nevada put up bobcat will give you a great first impression. It covers the basics of good fur handling, like the head and legs are center. Nothing new here, but it makes sure that the illusion of the spots is the what the fur grader sees. The front legs are pinned up to the neck of the bobcat, white fur out. Plus the back legs are skinned and pinned to give the illusion of a big, long block of white belly and spots. This is very different from the way most bobcats are brought to market today. So when the grader picks up a nevada style bobcat, it stands out and looks better than the standard bobcats that he sees all day long. Just because of this alone, you will find your cats in a higher paying pile.

I started putting up my bobcats this way two years ago, I’m glad I did. Me and Scott Adams started this method in Texas,  the difference was amazing. It even makes my southern bobcats look better. So if you’re catching bobcats, do yourself a favor and pick this video up. Your wallet will thank you.