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Trapping Coyotes with Coyote urine and or Urine Post Flat sets, low percentage most of the trapping season

Coyote trapping with urine and urine post sets? are they the best for a trapper to use? This is only part of an article I have on How to trap coyotes. You can read the full article there.

This info is for a comment I had on another article on Wolfer Nation.

Trappers have been using coyote urine and urine post flat set for years and there has been a lot of coyotes caught with them. The right question for a trapper to ask is not if they will catch coyotes. The right question is if there are better sets that will catch more coyotes than the urine post set. The basic problem with a urine post set is that only a few coyotes will double mark or re-mark the urine post set. This means that a coyote will see and smell the set and then raise his leg to urine re-mark the post set. Or this could be the female coyote backing up to the post set and shooting urine on the set. To make matters worse, this double or re-marking is only a high percentage activity a few months out of the year and this is when most trappers are NOT trapping.

So what does the research tell us?

1. 94% of alpha coyotes double marked, so only 6% of beta double marked. Pups did NO double marking. Let’s explain why all this garbage about the alpha male mostly being the one marking his territory, is blown way out of proportion. Now get this 74.4% of the double marking was done be the female. 24.6% of the double marking was done by the alpha male.

2. The double marking is mostly done during breeding season. The lowest amount of marking happened prior to and after breeding season. In other words during fall and summer less marking is taking place. The numbers peak during JAN and taper off till MAY.

So what does this research tell a coyote trapper? It should be setting off alarm bells!

1. Setting post sets in the fall may not be the best set to use. Since coyotes rarely double mark until January through May, your post set outside of these months is a low percentage set at best. Now if you are trapping coyotes from January through May, the post set becomes a good percentage set. This act of double marking peaks in January through February. These are the best months to get the highest response.

2. By using post sets on the edge of a territory, you are only targeting two coyotes from the family group. For a control trapper’s stand point, this is a very important set. Since the female controls the family group and she does 74% of the double marking, we want her caught yesterday. Every day she runs free, she could move the whole family group to parts unknown. Plus, if this is the plan to take the Alfa male, you only have a 24% chance to do it.

3. You could move your post sets to the center of the territory, but most of the double marking happens on the territory edge. The beta and pups do double mark, but it is another low percentage.

4. If you are fur trapping maybe you should stick to food type and curiosity type sets to get a higher percentage set.

Percentages are the key to productive coyote trapping, unless you have then around every bush and tree. Or you have all the time in the world to keep traps out on a particular group of coyotes. Now if you are trapping a family group during the breeding season, then urine away.

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  1. Forrest London says:

    While subordinate dogs may not double mark. I have witnessed them smell urine markers and check them out with interest, that often times is all it takes to put the steel on them… I don’t believe urine posts are the best answer most times of the year but I do not believe the article above gives enough credit to the set as a canine does not have to double mark to get caught in it JMO….