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Disposable cable stakes, chain stakes and shock springs for coyotes, trapping question

disposable stakes, chain stakes and shock springs for coyotes, trapping question

I had a couple of questions regarding chains for coyotes.
I know you guys are drag fans and it makes sense to use them, but I only have a dozen traps and I can only afford so much, but I was wondering if you were using pogos what would your prefer trap chain be? Are shock springs necessary? The JC Conner springs look great, but those are out of my price range too. Also, what do you think of those chain stakes? I tried something similar, but I was using grade 2 1/0 chain with a pogo washer at the end, but I had issues pulling them out. Anyway, thanks for your time!, Jesse K.


I have used the POGO stakes in the past. Were they work, they work well. This will have a lot to do with how hard or rocky your ground is. I used them in Iowa, but they will not work for me here in the mountains of TN and a lot of other locations I have trapped. So the bottom line is that if you can get them in the ground without messing up the washer, you will be fine with them. I have not ever used them on coyotes, so I can not say for sure if they will bend or fold up if you have a short trap chain and catch a powerful randy coyotes. I would try them and see what happens. My guess is that you will be fine. The down side is that you might have ground types that will not allow you to get them in the ground and cause you some aggravation.

I have shock springs on most of my traps, drags or not. I don’t have them on my traps for coyotes, my traps are strong enough to make sure they are waiting for me in the morning. I have them on my traps for bobcats. A bobcat will explode up in the air when caught. The shock spring will help take power of the cat for the 1/2 second with trap under stress. After this 1/2 second, the shock spring is nice but not needed. After saying that, if you have weak traps, the shock spring is needed to help hold coyotes. The spring will take away some of the power of a coyote. J.C. Conner shock springs are great quality, but quality cost. You might try some of the other shock springs on the market. They may not be the same quality, but they will get the job done.

I have not used the chain stakes, I personally don’t see the need for the extra cost myself. 3/32 cable is cheaper, last for a few seasons and cable is as strong as chain. I think this falls more into the “sexy” trapping gear mindset. I can see the value if people are cutting you cable stakes to steal your traps. I have heard some guys say that the chain lays down better, where cable sticks up and is in the way.. If this is your reason to use chain stakes, take your pliers and simply bend the cable to 90 degrees at ground level and the problem is fixed.

I used both #2 and #3 chain on my traps and both are fine. I have yet to have a problem with the smaller #2 size chain. I will advice you to take the time to go through cheaper china chain. Sometimes a few links will not be wielded. Cut out that link and add a trap swivel and move on.

As far as having problems pulling disposable stakes, that is the point of using them. If the ones you are using come up easy, find a new stake of you will have problems down the road. The thicker stakes will allow you to pull them without wrecking the stake itself. Again quality cost. Cheaper stakes may save you money in the short-term, but cost you much more money in the long run.

Good luck out on the line,