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Coyote Trapping for the Live market with …trapperchick…Coyote trapping video

Coyote Trapping for the Live market with …trapperchick

I was introduced to trapperchick (Dana) from Arkansas from LT Grey. He was telling me about this trapper in AR that was performing predator control on a 10,000 acre hunting club. The numbers were good for per square mile catches on coyotes and bobcats. Then LT said the word …she. What, I said, did you say she, really? LT Grey explained to me that he gave her a forum thread of her own, on ADC Network. Then he pulled up his site and showed me trapperchick’s photo with coyotes and bobcats. The more questions I asked the more impressed I was with this trapping lady from AR.

Dana is not a wife or girlfriend that rides along with a male trappers, she is the trapper. She makes the sets, takes care of the catches and then also sells the coyotes on the live market. It’s not that I have not meet female trappers, but one that blazes her own trail is not the norm today. I have often thought that there had to be female trappers out there that would and does trap on their own. What makes Dana so impressive is that she takes over 50 coyotes and 30 bobcats while working on the one farm. I have met a lot of trappers over years and most guys don’t catch 80 predators a year. So not only was she a trapper, she was taking a pile of fur.

In this video  you can see a film clip of trapperchick. She was on a TV show that had her talking about trapping, live market and predator control. 

I am planning on having her on Trapping Radio so we can all get to know her better. I have talked to Dana on the phone a few times and she is an interesting person. She deer hunts, hunts and traps hogs, traps predators and runs around at night shooting raccoons for nest predator control.

I have the feeling you are going to see more of trapperchick in the future. That’s not true, I’m confident that we will be seeing more from her in the near future.