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Trapping more Raccoons with dog proof traps, tips from Paul Lane

Trapping more Raccoons with dog proof traps, tips from Paul Lane

Increasing the Number with Dog Proofs

By using different techniques you can greatly increase you numbers. One simple thing you can use is visual attraction. This can vary from keeping you coon alive or by some other visual aid. Feathers are also a very good visual attractor. Glow in the dark lures will also increase your catch. If you are drowning coon you are decreasing you catch by 40 to 60 percent.
Using different smells around trap also increases you odds. Having as many different smells at the set as possible, and putting it up off the ground also gives you an advantage. Using these different techniques, you can out catch snares and body-grippers most of the time. Here is why: A percentage of coons will not be on the trail, but will be on one side or the other. Using visual will attract a percentage that you can’t with snares or body-grips. A live coon will attract other coons, a dead one won’t! Body grips and snares will have a percentage of refusals.
You put more odds in your favor by using visual and scent attractions. So will using something in dp’s that the coons will eat. When setting a trail set it heavy catch the coon and move on, unless it is the coon rut. I will talk about this in a future article. Just remember this will increase you numbers with these style traps. Good Luck!