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Coyote Trapping T Bone Flat Set, trapping video

Coyote Trapping T Bone Flat Set, trapping video

This is one of the flat sets that has been used for years to catch coyotes. What makes this set so deadly, is that it uses a natural visual attractant that will not spook a coyote. Coyotes will play with bones when they are pups, so they had no fear of them. By using a vertebrae out of a deer, cow, or another predator, you are not using such a large attractant that might spook a coyote. Another great aspect of using a bone, is that it will hold lure for weeks. It also has the advantage of not being drowned out like a dirt hole set will become after even a small rain. I personally like to use the bone in a little more cover than is shown on the trapping video. After saying that, I know of a lot of trappers that use their T-bone flat set out in the open and catch plenty of coyotes. This has been one of the king sets out West, used by wolfers four years, and this simple set has caught literally tens of thousands of coyotes.

One of the things that I like about this set above all else. Is that I do not have to spend the energy or time digging a dirt hole set. No matter where you trap, you will find plenty of places that the ground is too hard to do in. So by having plenty of T-bone vertebrae’s in your trapping bag. You can place a coyote set about anywhere. Sense a flat set does not have the visual attraction as a large ugly dirt hole set, you will need to make sure to place the set on active coyote travel way. And try to have the lure and the bone up wind of your trap.