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Trapping Supplies, Dog proof traps, CDR coil springs, Bridger traps, Coyote and Beaver Snares, Trapping log #2 from Dustin

Trapping Supplies, Dog proof traps, CDR coil springs, Bridger traps, Coyote and Beaver Snares, Trapping log #2 from Dustin

My tooling for my rookie long line season:

To start, this is what I got for this season and why I decided on it…

The Soup can Dog Proof traps: They are built in Bennet Nebraska. They are a paw wedging style like the Alcatraz.
Reason I went with them.
#1 It has a push trigger… On video some Raccoons only put there paw in the trap one time so I want to try to catch them the first time the paw goes in.
#2 It can be set up to be removed from the can when it is on the coons paw. I have found most of the time the ice on the creeks have raccoon highways running down them. But you cannot set them with out a bunch of walk arounds with conibears; foot holds freeze to the ice and the staking systems on other dps do not work well on the ice.
#3 The bait is kept in the can so it is easy to clean out unlike some of the other traps on the market
#4 The hole is the perfect diameter for a golf ball to fit into… This should give great eye appeal and make the trap mouse proof.

Bridger #2s coil spring traps with the enlarged pit pans
#1 I had a bunch of pull outs last year on using 1.5 Dukes on raccoon. I’m hoping this will help with back foot catches.
#2 I went with the over sized pit pan. This increases the kill area to almost the size of a # 11 trap.
#3 The pit pan is the same every time same travel same everything… I got them set pretty hairy for mink pockets. I may not like this for coon but the size of the trap should overcome the hairiness.

Single Sprung 160s body grip traps: I am going to use these on the dry trails with KB stabilizers. Which should work for the dry trail set and the bottom edge set and lastly if we have a freeze up I can set them in front of the pockets for mink and muskrats.

The CDRs
#1 watch the tiny trap rant…
#2 I only need one trap for coyotes cats and beaver

Coyote snares, supports and set making stuff.
I went pretty basic, 5/64s 1/19 with a sure lock and a stinger kill spring. They lock up tight!
I built a snare support that I really like….

Beaver snares & supports 5/64s 1/19 sure lock with no kill spring

I think I am going to use a smaller version of the predator supports if they work like I planed.

For cable extensions, I went with chain 10 foot chain extensions… I may not like this but it is really easy for me to keep them untangled.

The horizontal PVC fish stick set.
They worked great on the night footage video when I tested them… I wanted something that I could get away from the bank to set because of the bank not being vertical enough to dig a pocket! Plus it is a gang set you can get a coon from each side.

I got a basic ones 5/8s rebar with ten foot of chain.

Trapping Rig
I am using a 1994 ford ranger extended cab 4wd. With 2 aluminum tool boxes that run front to back in the bed with a gap in the middle of the bed for my catch. I have the boxes raised in the bed so I have a foot of space under them so I can slide stuff under them.


I decided on an Echo engine drill. Digging holes are really fast with these things, The bit is perfect for counter sinking the soup cans. I also have a full size echo post hole drill for punching in some big deep nasty dirt holes!
My peat moss dispenser is a wild bird food dispenser I stumbled on it at the Bommgars. The light went off and said I got to have one of these!
My fish oil dispenser is a bottle for feeding bucket calves. Last year the plastic bottles did not take the cold.
My disposable anchor driver is a piece of 1/2 inch pipe with a 2 inch ball welded in it for a weight. It slides over a piece of square tubing with a piece of 3/8s rod jammed up the middle of it. Basically a big slide hammer for the disposable. I can put a stake in a matter of seconds in our hard dirt in Nebraska.

All my other stuff is pretty basic… I wanted to tell you guys what I was thinking when I got my supplies and show you some pictures of it so you know what I am talking about in my future blogs!

The plan is to break the season down to animals… First thing I want to do is to knock as many raccoon down as possible. This is all I am going to focus on until the coon catch gets manageable. Once the coon catch drops off I am going to start putting the predator line down. I will continue running the coon line but only around the den areas. I plan on this change over starting to happen around late November or the first part of December. I am going to run the predator line until the catch does not cover the fuel cost. I am thinking this is going to happen around the first part of January. In January most of our creeks are frozen solid! But when you find the few parts of open water I think we should find the mink close by so I am going to focus on them hard-core! At that time the soup cans are going to be placed in the water on the frozen highways. In February the water starts to thaw and beaver and rats start to come out of there winter slumber. So February rats, mink and beaver are going to finish out my season!

This is the equipment and plan of attack!

Goals 2012 – 2013 Season
#1 To learn all I can.
#2 To have fun.
#3 To finish the season strong!

I have some numbers that I want to hit in my head… I am going to keep them between me and God (and my wife)! I have never done this before, so without knowing the critter populations around I am not going to throw out numbers that I have no clue if I can hit….

Wish me luck!
God Bless,
Dustin Drews

PS Just doing this first post has made me think about a lot of things. I normally would have over looked.


  1. Jason Clemons says:

    Wow, you have got me all kinds of excited!!!!

    I wish you all the luck in the world…looks like you have the right approach to it, and a great attitude. Just remember, HARD WORK ALWAYS PAYS OFF. In one way or the other.

  2. Dustin_Drews says:

    Got the first coon of the season this afternoon! Put in a few more sets this evening… The soup cans are so fast! I drove to Bennet Nebraska tonight and got some more!
    I also got some more soup cans from the local recycling drop off. Never thought I would be diggin in a trash can looking for cans at 10 pm!
    The bridgers with the Big pans performed nicely on a grinner on a pocket set.
    Tomarrow night I have a wedding rehersal and staterday is the wedding. I am standing up in it! That is going to take some GOOD time away from the line. But suday my wife and I are going out all day dawn till dusk I am hopping to get a section of propertys locked down.
    One problem with the soup cans was bait robbing. I do not know if it was mice or coon…. I am going to try a few things tomarrow if it works i will post my results!
    God Bless,
    Dustin Drews