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Dagger dog proof traps and mice problems, trapper question to Clint Locklear

have you any tips on how to stop my Daggers from getting robbed by mice and other rodents.i am using mini marshmallow and corn.will be buying Alcatraz when available. THANK YOU , M.C.

The the problem you’re having is not necessarily due to you using a Dagger dog proof raccoon trap. Mice and rodents have always been a scourge to a dog proof trap raccoon trapper. It seems that once the mice find your traps, and decide they like what you have in the traps they come back night after night to steal your bait. The trick is to find a way not to let the mice into your trap, but still have an option for the raccoon to get caught in the trap. Neal the manufacture of these the Ztrap has a neat little gadget that will keep mice out of your dog proof traps. It is basically a cap with a cylinder that goes down into the trap. It has a little handle and holes so the raccoon can pull off the cap easily. The holes allow the odor of the bait to come through the cap so the raccoon can smell the bait. If you go to trapping radio.com you’ll find a radio show where I interviewed Neil from Ztrap. He explains how he uses a chicken egg to keep the mice out of the traps. Basically what he is doing is simply setting an egg or round object over the whole of the trap. Since raccoons or nest predators they will be very attracted to this visual attracted. When they move are smashed the egg, the odor of your bait to lure will hit them in the face. I see no reason why you cannot use plastic chicken eggs. Now the problem you’re going to have with this is that the Dagger dog proof trap is square not round. So Neil’s caps are using an egg may give small mice enough room to still get to your bait. I would give this a try first anyway. If you still find yourself of mice problems, you may have to find something that will fill up the square hole in the top of the Dagger DP trap. Whatever you come up with, you will need to make sure the raccoons can easily get your Off of the trap. While at the same time the mice can not get your Off and get your bait. The reason this may be important is that while testing a golf ball with a trail camera Neil watch how mice could use the devits on the golf ball to roll the golf ball off the trap. So whatever use make sure it is smooth so the mice have no leverage to pull or push-off your cap.

Some trappers try a Styrofoam cup, but the mice can just chew through it. If you can find a tin can that semi tightly fits over the DP trap you will stop some of the bigger mice from getting to your bait. If your tin can has to much room around the trap smaller mice with be able to climb up between the trap and the can and still get to your bait.

You might find that by simply not using corn or grain you may stop some of the mice problems with a simple bait change. I wish it was only that simple for you, but unfortunately mice like to eat a lot of different things. I hope this helps you out on your raccoon line in some way.


Clint Locklear