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Raccoon trapping, pocket sets, pull outs and dog proof traps,The first week of the season HIGHS and lows! Trapper log # 3

Raccoon trapping, pocket sets, pull outs and dog proof traps,The first week of the season HIGHS and lows! Trapper log # 3

Well the first week of the season has went great in some aspects and horrible in others.
Here are the numbers
31 raccoon
36 grinners
7 Muskrats
1 Beaver
As I had mentioned in my previous post I spent almost all day Saturday at a wedding of a buddy of mines. I will include a picture of me and the wife. This Saturday I will be traveling 4 hours to attend my little sisters wedding. Not complaining but wasn’t really planning on spending my first two weekends with only having one full day out running the line.
The weather has been as nice as you can ask for everything but trapping. In my opinion I think it is too hot. The raccoons are walking over Dog proof traps and walking right past pockets.
Below is my set up:
Dog proo traps
I have done everything I can think of to stop the coon… Fish oil, shellfish oil, Feathers sticking out of the trap sweet baits, sour baits, stinky baits you name it. I can say some raccoon were caught with them and all the grinners were caught with them. Lots of people love them but after reviewing all the trapper radio shows in my head, one thing in common in the successes was it was later in the year. The orange slices speared on the trigger is working awesome! Guys if you get any of these traps be sure to use them…
Pocket Sers
I was not getting the catch with the dog proof traps that I was hoping for so I started digging holes in the banks. The muskrats, beaver and some coon came to them but many raccoon walked right by. I feel the only reason I caught coon on the pockets is instead of setting them up like a pocket set.  I turned them into a walk through set in front of a pocket with heavy guiding.
I honestly think the warm weather and food being everywhere is causing me problems… I don’t know about anyone else but I know I do not like stuffing myself when it is hot outside.
The good news in the first week I am over half way to my total coon catch last year! The down side is if I would not of had so many pull outs I would be almost tied with my last years catch.
I do not know what is causing the pull out issues, the Bridgers I have are #2s 2 coiled, swiveled in 4 locations… I think the cause could be:1)the pan not riding up the levers 2)Coon pushing on the levers with there rear feet, I thought it could be chew outs but the coon I do catch are perfect? I have even had some pull the trap to the end of the slide-wire and nothing in the trap. At first I thought it was theft but time has shown it is not the case, it is just plain pull outs.
I am using the oversized paws I trip pan system on them… I am going to take the pan system off 3 doz of them and go back to the stock pans to see if this helps.
If you guys have any other recommendations it would be great! If you have any advise on trap location at a pocket set I would love to hear it.
The Best Catch of the week was made by my little buddy Tanner! I gave him 2 soup can traps for his birthday last week. Wednesday I got a call he caught his first Grinner! It made my day….
Tomorrow is pull day time to move to different ground… The new set I am going to use is a walk through dirt hole on the trail… If they do not want to play with my cans so be it but the dirt hole next to the trail with the trap bedded on the trails should help with refusals.
I also am going to try a lot more blind sets… I should have put more of them in last week!
Till next week
God Bless,
The Rookie
Dustin Drews


  1. Beavertrapper says:

    You are no rookie – you are helping a lot of people learn.

    Good for you for taking the time to travel and be with family and friends on their special days. It won’t be long before Tanner is giving you a run for your money!

    Good luck. I hope the weather improves for you soon.

  2. Darren Cheek says:

    Hey on those over sized PIT pans it could be that those pans are hitting the levers as they come up throwing the pan up and causing the coons foot to get thrown out or catching 1 or 2 toes and they are pulling out. I dont know if that could be it but Ive heard a lot say that can happen and it make sense.

  3. Ed Foster says:

    I use shock springs to reduce the pulling force of the animal on the trap. I have read bridger springs are weak. I just had a pull out on a coon dagger with shock spring. I saw the raccoon and it was a small one. Maybe it accessed bio tensor (chi) energy.