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How to trap a bobcat, trap set, Clint Locklear giving trapping demo in TN part 1

How to trap a bobcat, trap set, Clint Locklear giving trapping demo in TN part 1

Norm filmed this for me while I was at the Tennessee Fur Harvesters Association convention. During the demo I am talking about bobcat trapping. One thing that I have learned is that if a trapper wants to have a …….catch everything dry land predator set, that trapper will miss a ton of bobcats. How do I know this?  I have missed a ton of bobcats at a generic bobcat set over the years. Today, I will make a bobcat set and if I want to make a coyote or fox set, then I will make a coyote or fox set. I wish there was a one set that will catch everything that eats prey animals, but I don’t think it is a reality. So I make cat sets to take advantage of bobcats habits. If you don’t make your set to control a bobcat, you are relying on luck. To me luck and skill are two different approaches to trapping, which one are you striving for?

One thing that makes bobcats different that a coyote or fox, is that they are not an animal to circle the set. They are bold and not afraid of much. So they will walk over to the set from the way they first see them. This can be a massive problem to a cat trapper that does not take the habit into consideration. If your trap is in front of your set and the bobcat sees the set from the side, the bobcat will work your set from that line of travel. If the bobcat works your set from the back, that is how the bobcat saw the set and went to it from that direction. What to do, what to do? First off, take control of your set and have you trap in between the way a bobcat will see your set and have the trap in that line of travel.

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