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How to trap and catch a bobcat with bobcat flags, and what went wrong.

How to trap and catch a bobcat with bobcat flags, and what went wrong.

Hey Clint,

Just wanted to tell you that your flagging with a old CD and tinsel works here in Pa. We got snow on Christmas Eve, and on Christmas when I checked my traps, we had seen one fresh set of cat tracks in the snow but not close to my set. today when I checked my sets, a cat last night sometime had come on to the trail, I have two sets on, about 20 yds. from my flagging, turned towards it and went to the flagging, and made the turn towards my cubbie, about 15-20 feet off trail, with another tinsel flag hanging, went right to the front of cubbie set, but here is where I screwed up, and the cat and snow showed it. I had set the trap right at the cubbie, instead of back 10-12 inches from the opening of the cubbie. Cat needed to take one more step to be on trap way it was set, but it did not, instead it went to side of cubbie and put its front feet on top of cubbie, and then went the whole way around set, and then kept going east. I moved the trap away from the cubbie to where I should have had the trap to start with, and with it snowing more, will hope the cat comes back before the end of the season on Jan. 6, 2013.

Also was using your Cat Collector lure.

 Steve T.

What a great way to learn about trapping bobcats. Hard lesson, but one that will always stick with you. Snow is such a great teacher if we as trappers slow down and study the bobcat tracks. One recommendation i would have for you is to change the look of your bobcat flag. I think that once a bobcat looks over you cat flag, there is no reason for him to come to it again.  This may not matter for a roving tom bobcat, but a local ranging female may not decide to give you another chance unless you give her a reason to check of the flags again.

Good Luck on the bobcats this Year!

Clint Locklear

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  1. Scott Balts aka 330-Trapper says:

    Really a nice artcle with great advice.