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How to catch and trap coyotes by using natural looking sets.

How to catch and trap coyotes by using natural looking sets.

I know I preach this all the time, so I am going to have some pics in some post from time to time. These pictures I will be posting will be natural holes dug by real animals, not trappers. The reason I feel this is a good thing to talk about from time to time, to be natural, you have to know what natural looks like. The two pics below are natural looking sets because they are 100% natural, not man-made.

Coyote do not like unnatural sets, they do not trust them. Coyotes are not fox, but fox will work a natural set as fast as a coyote. The pics below do not have a trap. This should be part of the fun. Where would you put the trap? Why would you put the trap there? Do you see a second place to place a back up trap placement for a sneaky or cowardly coyote. Put some thought process in to this. You should have a reason for everything you do at a set. Like I tell students, if your wrong, have a reason for what you are doing. This way if you see problems, you will have a base line to correct and learn from. If you’re not thinking, you are not learning and that means you are not becoming a better coyote trapper. Now what fun is that?

Feel free to save the pics of these natural holes. Print them off and take them out on your line. Work on making your sets look exactly like the natural holes.

If you want to see more natural sets and sets made with traps, check out my Dirt Holes beyond the basics trapping video.

So where would you place the trap, please leave us a comment below. You may be seeing something we are not, this way we can all learn together.



  1. Tim Ivey says:

    Great question

    1. Tim Ivey says:

      I would start by setting a trap 10-12″ back and offset from the holes. looks kinda tight on the high ground so you could put a snare back there perpendicular to the hole in case he wants to circle. I’d put two punch holes at 9 and 3 o’clock with two different lures. If you put the lure and bait in the dirthole at the 10-12 O’clock position, rain will not wash it away as easily as if it is just dumped down the hole. finally, I’ve had good success putting a coyote or fox track directly over the pan. Add a fresh scat on each side of the dirt hole for extra eye appeal and smell