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Clint Locklear is back from Texas coyote and bobcat trapping, so Wolfer Nation will again hit high gear on trapper infomation.

I’m back home from Texas trapping bobcats, coyotes and nest predators. I thought I could use the local internet to keep adding videos, articles and radio shows, but that was not the case. The internet service was so bad and slow that I could not even open e-mail. Well that’s not true, it would take over 30 min to open a single piece of e-mail. So having internet and having internet is not the same thing.

Predator Control Group had a great catch and season in Texas this year. We held our Texas Predator School, tested some new traps, learned a lot and we have 173 bobcats heading to North American Fur Auction. We took over 600 animals for the ranches while we were down there, got sunburned, bleed from thorns, fought off rattle snakes, sweated and laughed a lot. In other words, we had a great trapping adventure and are already looking forward to next year. That is after some much-needed sleep.

138 of 173 bobcat caught in Texas on Predator Control Group Job

138 of 173 bobcat caught in Texas on Predator Control Group Job

I wish I had a better plan to keep the web-sites running with new information even if it was at a slower pace. The plans of mice and men I guess. I will try something new next year. If you have e-mailed me or sent  a question on Facebook, I will get to them as soon as I can. I’m only about 600 ( e-mails alone) behind and I spent hours on them last night. The reason I am saying this is to please keep in mind that we at Predator Control Group are trappers first and an internet information business way after that. In today’s infomation age, some guys think that we can get back to them in a super fast manner all the time, but not when we are slaying fur in a part of the country that has more of a third world internet service.
 We are fired up about www.trappernation.com and look forward to seeing what everyone is up to and how they did this trapping season. Tonight I will get a new www.trappingradio.com show up. It will be a great show from an interview from a student of the Texas Predator School from Australia.
I hope each one of you had a great season and made a pile of money selling your fur,
Clint Locklear 
P.S. We have found a new way to combine trapping and shooting (if we could only add bacon, it would be so much fun that it would be against the law), we hope, no that is not right, we challenge you to take your own video and let us all enjoy this new man sport. Video will be out soon. Get involved, shoot straight and smile from ear to ear.

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  1. Tim Ivey says:

    In my business, part of my offer to my Clients is once I have the line set and working, I find a place away from it and do some calling with the FoxPro Firestorm and my Rock River .223. Kinda giving them the two for one option and its a heck of a lot of fun too!