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How to trap and catch more bobcats by talking with your turkey hunting friends and or hunting clubs.

It is turkey season boys and if you hunt them or not, make sure to get as many feather, wings and parts you can from you friends and hunting clubs. Me and Albert was finishing up on a hunting club a few weeks back and they were running turkey hunts. The hunters wanted the breast, spurs and beards. That left a lot of bobcat, fox, coyote and raccoon goodness for us to take and use. Think about all the friends you have that hunts turkey, you know they do not use all the bird. They leave so much for you to use make sure you take advantage of this time of the year.

Albert and I, stripped 7 turkeys. So we go 14 wings and that makes 28 of the best bobcat flags known to man. The value of these wings to me is in the hundreds of dollars on the bobcat line. We also got 7 tail feathers clusters to make 7 more bobcat flags out of. I don’t know about you, but that is an exciting product for a bobcat trapper to get his or her hands on.

Next we striped off the body feather to use for coyote, fox, raccoon and bobcat trapping. We stuffed several 1 gallon bags full of natural eye appeal that turns on any self-respecting predator. When you do this, be carefull to not pull of chunks of skin unless you plan on freezing or salting you loose feathers. Skin will rot and melt into the rest of the loose feathers and just be a mess to work with down the road.

Next we take those big turkey bodies and catch coyotes and bobcats with them. Find or dig in a big groundhog or badger hole. Wrap the body with trapping wire and hook to a Freedom Brand Wolf Fang stake and drive it into the bottom of your hole. Stuff and tamp the body into the hole and cover with loose dirt and grass. Next set a few traps out front or the way you think the coyotes will approach the set and hold on. This is a deady, deady way to catch coyotes. Did I say deadly!

Most parts of the country has a spring turkey season, so thinking about getting all these trapping turkey goodies is hard to come by once the trapping season is underway. Think ahead and re-cycle the turkey that a hunted this time of the year. Just think of all the tree huggers out there that should be happy because you are being green on your predator lines.