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How to flag a bobcat while cat trapping, a new stand idea that is killer while catching bobcats

 How to flag a bobcat while cat trapping, a new stand idea that is killer while catching bobcats

While at the Texas Predator School this year, A student (Greg) pulled out a stand for his bobcat flags while we were setting bobcat traps. As most of you know, I am a flag believer in the highest degree. I use flags for most if not all may bobcat, grey fox  and raccoon sets. Greg had a simple but very effective bobcat flag system.

Trappers always are thinking and finding a better way. I don’t know of another industry that can think out side of the box like we can. We want a better system, so we ponder on it, experiment and make it happen. Trappers always amaze me with their practical mindset. This mindset is how Greg came up with, what I consider a game changer to bobcat trapping.

He built a portable stand for hanging a bobcat flag. It is self-supporting and can be used any where. This is so important for speed and setting a bobcat trap where the trapper wants to put it. No longer does the trapper have to pick an “off” location to get proper flag placement. With this stand, pick the best location. Slam in a great trap set and then place the flag in front of it. I can tell you that I bought the ones he had down in Texas and I was wishing he had brought 30-40 more for me to buy.

The stand is simple and not to expensive to build. First take a 6 foot section of 5/16 cold or hot roll steel rod. On the bottom of the rod wield a foot. It is a half of a upside down U shape. This will keep the rod from moving around on you. Then on the top of the rod, wield a section of #9 wire. About two feet seems about right. Done! Basically your making a very tall snare support. Add your flag to the end of the #9 wire and your rock’n and rolling.

If your chasing bobcats this fall are winter, you will want to make you up some up. If you only make a few, you will be sorry once you find out how handy this system is.