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How and why to use two traps on a coyote set.

Why use two traps at a coyote set?

By Clint Locklear

I always use two traps at my coyote sets. I also get asked all the time, why I use two traps at my coyotes sets. Trust me I have a reason and it is not because I can’t catch coyotes with a single trap. I hear all the time from ….on-line…. that a good trapper does not need two traps, because a good trapper knows were coyote will place his foot at a set. I always smile to myself when I here this. I know it is good to have this attitude, but putting ego aside, it is delusional.
The main reason is that a trapper DOES NOT KNOW which coyote will show up to the set. Oh yes, there are different coyotes in the woods. One is an adult coyote, dumber pup coyotes, skittish coyotes and bold coyotes. There are coyotes that have a degree in trapping or is the coyote a virgin to the trapping game. So as you can see the reactions of these different coyotes will cause ….the right…trap placement at a set to be very, very different. Young pup coyotes, bold coyotes and virgin coyotes will work the sets more for the front. Don’t believe me, how many true adult coyotes do fur trappers catch as a percentage to adult coyotes. The reason is simple, young coyotes work the sets more from the front like most coyotes sets are constructed. The adult, more skittish coyotes will work the set more times than not, from the back of the set. Why, do they do this? This is another long topic, but they do.
So the question for the non-ego logical thinking trapper should ask. What coyotes am I trapping for. If your just running and gunning with good coyote population, pup trapping is a money maker. The ADC trapper or trapper that is helping a landowner for game management, needs to catch the adults and pups.

So why do I think using two traps at a coyote set is a good trapping policy?

I want to catch the pup and adult coyotes at the same set. It is that simple! Since most young coyotes work the set from the front, I have a trap in the front of the hole at a dirt hole set. I also have a trap somewhere in the back or side of the set for adult coyotes. I guess I could set one trap, but why? I want to catch all coyotes that come up and investigate my sets. I don’t care if it is a pup or a 6 year old dominate male or female. I want him or her going home with me, period!