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Top Dollar Cats By Mercer Lawing, Trapping Video Review

Trapping Video Review

Top Dollar Cats

By Mercer Lawing


Video: Top Dollar Cats by Mercer Lawing

Video format reviewed: DVD

Video category: Bobcat fur handling

Video Length: one hour

Video quality: 7-8

Audio quality: 7

Entertainment: 6

Education: 8

Who is this designed for? Anyone who wants to improve their bobcat put up.

Who is this not designed for? Bobcat specific fur handling video (no other species covered), although some aspects could easily be used in some other furbearers, especially Lynx.

Rating system: 1-10 (1 = poor, 3 = below average, 5 = average, 7 = above average, 9-10 = excellent)


Top Dollar Cats by Mercer Lawing is a fur handling video that spends an hour focusing on one thing, how to make more money from your bobcats.

In this dvd, Mercer shows different methods of skinning, fleshing, stretchers and the importance of stretching length, and cleaning fur to create a more appealing product for the fur buyers.

From the beginning, Mercer compares two groups of cat, one using the Nevada Stretch and the other being put up in a more traditional fashion. The furs are shown in the beginning, and later, we get to see a fur buyer show the differences in how the cuts, stretch, and cleanliness of Mercer’s cats increases profit over a traditionally looking cat (The averages for each group of cats is mentioned at the end.).

Next, Mercer skins a bobcat, showing where he makes his cuts, and giving tips on things like removing the skin from around the head.  After the pelt is removed, he goes on to show gland removal, talks about flea control, and shows how to freeze furs so they don’t get freezer burn.

As he moves to the fur shed (he skins on his pickup bed- the cat is held to the truck with a gambrel), he discusses fleshing equipment, drying racks, stretchers, a marked wall for determining pelt length, etc.  As he fleshes the cat, he shows how he uses borax and sawdust to “degrease” the hide. 

Once fleshed, he talks of the importance of pelt length as it relates to prices given at a sale.  Following this, he shows how to sew holes in pelts so you will not be docked on price.

Lastly, he shows us how to give a borax bath to degrease and clean the fur.  The “rubdown” and blowout of the borax cleans and fluffs the fur, making it look brighter and thicker.  For someone who had not seen borax used this way, I felt this alone was worth the relatively low price of this video.

Bobcats are the most valuable furbearer on my line, and I believe this video will help trappers put more money in their pockets with each bobcat they catch. I highly recommend this video to anyone who has bobcats (or even Lynx) on their trapline.