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How to catch, get rid of and trap coyotes, advice for a beginner trapper, question to Clint Locklear

Hello Sir,
I was wondering what instructional video of yours would give me the most information on how to trap coyotes?
I hired a trapper recommended by the conservation dept. but all we got in two weeks was two Bobcats a several raccoons.
We had several traps dug up and flipped over but got nothing. We also had several traps tripped but caught nothing.
I thought if I had instructions I might be able to buy equipment and try to trap myself I know I would not catch less than zero.
So if you have a good video of what equipment, lures, traps and where to set traps I would be interested in it.
Thank You,
Tommy J.
One of trapperchicks coyotes caught in MB 550

One of trapperchicks coyotes caught in MB 550

Tommy, I would recommend my ……coyote bulk package….. It has my Eastern Wolfer book (coyote trapping book), One…Dirt hole beyond the basics dvd, one ….Eastern Flat Set dvd and one…..Coyote locations that produce dvd. These three videos and book will give you all the info you need to trap coyotes and do it very well. The cost is $69.00, with free shipping.

From your comments in the e-mail I take it you have not trapped before. If this is so, I can tell you that trapping coyotes (besides pure luck) is a learned skill. Most people that have not trapped do not respect this skill or think ” all you have to do is” like a math formula and you catch coyotes. Coyotes are not supper smart, but they have a highly involved survival instinct. The reason I say this is not to talk you out of trapping, because you will probably enjoy it very much. Catching coyotes is a very intense and fun experience, but everyone does have a learning curve to go though. So don’t expect to watch a dvd or read a book and think you are going to be able to rack up the coyotes. Over some time you will be able to, but in the beginning it can be frustrating.

My first piece of advice is not listen to anyone that does not trap 20 coyotes a year. There are a lot of trapping myths out there that are nothing short of a cruel joke like hanging hooks from trees and soaked sponges. If you follow what the videos and books above show you, you will catch the coyotes. A lot of the skills like bedding a trap and making a set look natural do take time, but you can do it. Were to put the trap set (location), is the most important part of coyote trapping. Just start this journey with the knowledge that coyotes are nothing like a domestic dog and lure or bait will not make them run over to your set and get caught.

To start off, you will need traps. I would recommend 12 MB550′s for a beginner. The reason is they are ready to use out of the box. Most traps you will have to modify or tinker with before you use them. You will need a sifter, get a heavy-duty one (with heavy screen in the bottom, so the set will look more natural). You will also need stakes, I highly recommend the…Freedom Brand Wolf Fang stakes. Go ahead and get them with the cable already attached. You will also need a driver that works on the Wolf Fang, buy them at same time. I would start with 24 stakes so you have the ability to move traps around a little. I personally use a claw hammer to dig my trap beds, you should have one laying around to house or barn somewhere. Then you will need a shovel or heavy-duty trowel. You probably have something already you can use or can find something at hardware store. Your holes need to be 12-18 deep, so a one-handed garden trowel is not the best coyote trapping tool.

Next you will need bait and lure. Bait can be a deer scraps, road kill house cat or shot ground hog. If you don’t have or don’t want to do this, you can buy a commercial bait. The ones I make and use can be found on our store at www.wolfernation.com. I would recommend Federales or Gator bait. For lure, I would use Boss Dog, Yote dope or Cat Collector. The videos will explain and show you how to use all these products.

We also have a ton of free info on www.wolfernation.com. You will find over 400 articles and videos to watch and learn from.

Good luck, you can do this.


Clint Locklear