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The Freedom Brand Dog Proof Trap, the best trigger on the market and why.

The Freedom Brand Dog Proof Trap, the best trigger on the market and why.

I have been biting at the bit to talk about the new Freedom Brand Dog Proof Trap that is now on the market and out in the open. I tested these traps hard down in Texas. What do I think about the new DP, I like’em. I like them so much that it is going to be only DP I will be using this fall.

The new Freedom Brand Dog Proof Trap Has a new radical trigger system. I will admit that when Quade from Freedom Brands showed me this trigger system, I was a little jealous. I mean I always try to look at trapping products and improve them.  Now I have looked at dog proof traps thousands of times, heck I designed one myself. What Quade did was to engineer a better trigger system for a dog proof trap. It is nothing short of genius. He simplified the trigger set up, so the trigger does not have the pressure of the springs of the trap putting tension on the trigger. Like I said, Genius! The only down side to this trigger set up was that I did not come with it, a personal bummer. I have to give it to Freedom Brands, they are not into the “copy the pack” mindset, they are in a making a better trap mindset.

Now how does this trigger system work, you ask? Well it will be hard to explain, but I will give it a try. I will be posting a video in a few days to show the trigger system.  Go grab a normal dog proof trap and look at it. They work like a regular foothold trap. You have a dog that holds down the springs and hooks into the trigger (pan) notch. This adds a lot of pressure to the trigger in regards to it moving/firing with a bait stealing raccoon’s paw in the trap fiddling around. The stronger the spring tension is, the more pressure to make the trap fire. At the same time, if a trap has a light spring on it, it will fire sooner and with less pressure on the trigger. Most “normal” DP traps have a heavy spring to hold raccoons, this requires the raccoons have to apply more pressure to the trigger to fire the trap. See the problem, its basic physics. What the new trap does is  to have the spring strength we all want and need, but it has a more sensitive trigger that we all also need to catch more raccoons out on the trap line. Take my word on this, this trigger system has brought the DP trap into a new spear of efficiency.

The new trigger works off a bar that runs down besides the trap tube. It does not hook into anything like most traps do. It fires the trap like a cam lobe on a car cam shaft when it moves a valve steam in an engine block. When the trigger goes up or down, the back of the trigger rotates and fires the trap.  Did I say Genius already! So this trap fire if a raccoon pulls on the trigger or pushes on the trigger. The cool thing is the ease in which the trap fires with trigger movement. It’s not a hair-trigger. but it is not as tough to move as a regular DP trap with a dog and notch system. Look at the photo below. Look down and to the right on a 45 degree angle of the center rivet in the photo. You will see a bar that is running next to the trap tube. Then you can see a tight crack that rides up to the bar. In this pic, the trap is set.

Now look at the photo below and you can see that the crack is much larger. This is because the trigger is pushed down and the trap is fired off. That piece that has rotated is the trigger. As you can see the trigger does not hold the spring in place or is under any real pressure when the trap is set. I don’t know is Freedom Brand has a nifty name for this trigger system per say, but it is impressive to say the least.

Two things, This is not a small improvement, it is a game changer in the dog proof market, Why? My testing screamed out to me that it had a higher catch to visit ratio. This means more $20-$35 raccoon to sale this year. I don’t know about you but more money from more fur is not a small thing.

Second, yes the traps in the photo are rusty and they are dirty. I tested and abused these traps. I wanted to see what happened when I tested them to the extreme. They were not diped or painted, they were rusted for a reason. They were used hard and put away wet. Now if you listen to the trap in the photo, get a little closer to screen,  a little closer. You can hear it whispering, “turn me loose , Turn me loose! Now let’s go catch a pile of raccoon!”