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Trapping Video Review by Brandon M., Cat Collector DVD by Clint Locklear

Trapping Video Review

Cat Collector

By Clint Locklear


Video: Cat Collector by Clint Locklear

Video format reviewed: DVD

Video category: Bobcat trapping

Video Length: four hours

Video quality: 7-8

Audio quality: 6-7

Entertainment: 7

Education: 9

Who is this designed for? Bobcat trapping with footholds

Who is this not designed for? Not a snaring video, no snow trapping/trapping in bucket cubbies

Rating system: 1-10 (1 = poor, 3 = below average, 5 = average, 7 = above average, 9-10 = excellent)



Cat Collector, by Clint Locklear is a four hour (yes you heard me right) DVD on catching bobcats. It teaches all aspects of luring in cats with their eyes and nose, shows how to build sets to increase your catch per visit ratio, and then reinforces the lessons learned with night footage of cats working sets.

As far as the technicalities go, the video quality is above average.  The audio quality is very good.  Occasionally, there is some wind noise, and the volume changes between a couple of segments, but it’s minimal. The video is also entertaining, and most importantly extremely educational.

After the intro to the video, Clint wastes little time putting us on the line to start building sets.  We see a number of different ways to make sets using conventional and not so conventional tools.  The tools are used to build two types of sets, trench/dirthole sets, and flat sets, and we get to see different variations of these multiple times throughout the video.

After the digging is done, Clint focuses on trap location.  This is not your average, “stick the trap in front of the hole” education, but in fact a lesson on increasing your catch percentage by moving your trap much further back than you normally see.  Then Clint shows how to block in the set to eliminate safe ground for the cat to step.

Besides trap location and blocking, Clint does something else that you won’t see on the average trapping video.  He uses expanded pans to increase the “trigger area” of the trap, and often uses two traps at sets to increase his catch percentage even more. 

Another nuance to his unique sets are the drags.  I’ve always been afraid of using drags in fear of losing the animal, but the Saber-Tooth drags Clint uses in the video aren’t like your traditional two-pronged drags (see how long it takes the Clint and Scott to find a cat on a traditional drag in heavy cover and you’ll know why he prefers the Saber-Tooth’s). 

The last part of his sets are the first thing the cats see, and that’s flagging, and just like every other aspect of bobcat trapping, Clint goes into detail about both flagging materials and flagging placement as it relates to the way a cat sees and then works the set. 

After the initial setup, we see numerous catches, as well as night footage of cats and a “silver fox” working sets.  Sometimes the cats are caught, and sometimes they aren’t and you start to see why you should block your sets well and where you should and shouldn’t put lure at your sets.

In addition to all of this, you’ll also learn about using peat moss, more details on flagging, trapping around a full moon, trapping during breeding season, using larger traps/two traps with expanded pans, using longspring traps, equipment that Clint uses on the line, and more.  You’ll also get a treat to see a bonus “big kitty” and feral hog catch.

Overall, this four hour, two disk set is well worth the price.  Of the four bobcat videos I own, I would rank this one first.  If you have cats on your line, this video should be in your trapping library. I highly recommend it.