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Freedom Brand Dog Proof Trap, a great video for a close look at trap from QSR, check it out.

 Freedom Brand Dog Proof Trap, a great video for a close look at trap from QSR

I make no bones about this, I’m sold on the new Freedom Brand Dog Proof raccoon Trap. This will be the only DP trap that will be in my muddy and chapped hands this fall and winter fur trapping. It will also be the one that I will trust on my nest predator jobs. As you can tell I’m a fan of the trap. Why? Freedom Brand has brought the dog proof trap into the same category as the high end coil spring foothold traps, but without the cost. We in the industry have needed this jump up in quality for some years now.

QSR has made a very informative video for you to get an up-close and personal look at this high performance trap. To see this video, Click Here.

Here are some things you will see and get a close look at on the video. Quade from QSR is the host on this video and also the brain trust behind the design on the new DP trap.

  1. Introduction to the Freedom Brand Dog Proof Trap
  2. How to set the trap. It is so easy to set, you may think you are missing something. Your not, it is that quick and is that simple.
  3. How to stabilize the Freedom Brand Dog Proof Trap in dirt.
  4. How to set the trap on concrete, rocks or even Ice. This is with their stabilization platform. Your brain will go into over drive with places you have had a hard time setting traps in the past. Now, you can set the Freedom Brand Dog Proof Trap with mind blowing speed.
  5. How to use a bracket to set the DP on the side of a tree, barn post or crossing log. This is a god send to guys that want there traps on location no matter what.
  6. How to modify the trigger on the Freedom Brand Dog Proof Trap.
  7. How you file the trigger to get a quick firing trap. Quade also shows you how to add trigger tension if you feel the need.
  8. Replacement parts for the Freedom Brand Dog Proof Trap.
  9. How to take apart the DP trap. Very simple to do. Anyone can do it after watching this video.
  10. How to clean trap after you throw them into the shed for several months with grit, grim and sticky stuff in-crusted all over the trap. You know, we raccoon trapper can abuse some equipment and we all need to know how to clean up the gear before prime time hits.
  11. Correct nut and bolt tension on the Freedom Brand Dog Proof Trap.

This is a great video for you to get a feel for the trap. Check it out. Just keep in mind these traps are not happy unless you keep them busy making you money this fall and winter. Happy trap, happy trapper, this is about good as it gets for a raccoon trapper. I don’t know about you but, I’m starting to get wound up tighter than a eight day clock waiting for the green light to say GO, GO, GO this trapping season!