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New colony trap for muskrats with a Invisible doors, higher muskrat catches

 New colony trap for muskrats with a Invisible doors

Most guys know that I am always striving to make traps better with speed or a design that allows a trapper to catch more fur. Norm Blackwell and myself have been pushing cage trap designs with our bobcat cage trap, multi-catch raccoon cage traps. We already have a kick butt colony trap that goes way beyond the standard colony muskrat trap with a high catch design.

Above is a photo of our New Invisible Door Muskrat Colony Trap. That is right, the muskrat can not see a door to push through! Think about this, a standard colony trap requires a muskrat to ram face first on a wire door, not our trap. With our trap the muskrat will not know he is in a trap till its to late. Standard colony traps catch muskrats, no doubt. The goal of a trappers is to catch as many muskrats in the shortest amount of time. How muskrat trappers miss a high percentage on $14.00 muskrats because a muskrat does not want to slam his face into a wire door? See the difference of the catch on your trap line and in your bank account.

The photo below is a set trap, the door is in the trap and down. Call Norm to get your New Invisible Door Muskrat Colony Trap and take your share of the rats and have a profitable muskrat trap line this year. Norms number is 706-264-6277. Please keep in mind that Norm is a professional trapper and will be trapping this fall, winter and spring. If you want these traps, you better get them before the season starts.