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How to trap coyotes and bobcats with body grip traps, neat way to support them in fence

This is a neat way Albert Simpson showed me how he figured out how he supports his body grip trap in the high fence when we are in the great state of Texas. You could drive stakes, but it is a logistical nightmare if you are running a lot of traps. Plus I am always looking for ways to make my trapping easy not labor intensive.
What Albert showed me works great. It is fast and very little energy is needed to support the trap in the fence this way.
I am asking you to be a adult when I show you such things as this. I can do this on some ranches because I do not have to wory about hunting dogs or pets running around. Saying that DO NOT do this if you have a chance to catch a pet. Just because a law says you can do something does not mean it is smart to do so. So use your head when you are on the trap line. A body grip trap is a great tool, but an unforgiving tool. If you use this were pets are running around you are asking for trouble and trouble for the rest of us trappers.