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Freedom Brand Dog proof trap, Z Trap, Dagger, Little Grizz, T-3 Bridger and Duke Trap review test

Lets have a dog proof trap test, shall we!

How much trigger movement before the dog proof trap fires.

How far does the trigger move on the push or pull trigger before the trap fires off.

How much pressure does it take to fire or move the trigger on a dog proof trap.

How many pounds or ounces does it take to fire a dog proof trap.

As most of you know there are a lot of Dog Proof traps on the market today. Most of these will catch raccoon, no doubt. Since there are many DP traps on the market, trappers say this one is better for this or that reason. Some fire sooner or with less trigger pull. I have received many e-mails about this and we have all seen the dog fights on trapper forums about why trap A is better than trap B. So I figured I would do a test on the Z Trap, Dagger, Duke, Freedom Brand, T-3 Bridger and Little Grizz trap. These are the traps I had on hand. I know there are other traps out there, but these are the most popular on the market. So I tested the trap throw distance, push throw distance and pressure on the trigger to fire the dog proof trap.

Before we get started with the number. I don’t sell traps. I have no traps in this mix that are my design. I am doing this for information sake. I was curious, so I tested them. All the traps were super clean or new for the test. I tested them with a fish scale and poundage push tester for the trigger tension. I used a wire to fire the traps. If I was testing the push of a trap, I would push the wire on the trigger till it fired. Then reset trap. I would measure the hump in the wire that the hold bar would leave on the wire to the original place the hold bar would move to hit the wire. On the pull, I would do the same but with a hook bent into the wire to pull the trigger.

This winter you will be able to see the test on TrapperTV. This is a project PCG is working on right now that will be live for viewing after the first of the year.

Test One…..

How far is the distance that is required for the trigger move up … pull….to fire the trap.

Z Trap = .75 inch, Dagger = .75 inch, Little Grizz = 5/8 inch, Freedom Brand = 0 *, Duke .75 inch, T-3 Bridger 1 inch

Test two…..

How far does the trigger move down before the trap fires on a trap that has a push/pull trigger.

Z Trap = .25 inch, Dagger = .25 inch, Freedom Brand = 1/8 inch *

Test three…..

How much poundage is required to fire the trap by pulling up on the trigger.

Little Grizz = 1.5 pound, Duke = .25 pound, Z Trap = 1 pound, Freedom Brand = .25*, T-3 = 1.5 pound, Dagger = 1 pound

Test Four…..

How many pounds to fire the trap when the trigger is pushed down.

Z Trap = .50 pounds, Freedom Brand = .25 pound *, Dagger = 1.5 pound

So, what does all this mean? I don’t really know. We have to keep in mind that these numbers will be higher once all the sticky slop we as raccoon trappers put into our traps. Throw in some mud and a little rust and these numbers WILL be higher.

Now I’m not a scientist, I do not own a white lab coat, but I do have a camo over shirt. I can only use reason a logic as to what these numbers mean. To me it makes sense that since a raccoon is not an enraged gorilla slamming his hands into and out of a dog proof trap. Raccoon have very nimble fingers and they have no reason to ….grab… a trigger and jerk. They genitally pick out the bait. This is how so many traps get cleaned out. I can only use logic to think that a light weight trigger and short trigger throw is the best option. Since you have some numbers to work with, think about them and see if you have a need for them.

* My Freedom Brand Dog Proof Traps are tuned. I want to be out in the open about this. Since the Freedom Brand allows the tuning of the trap, I have taken advantage of this on my FB DP traps. This is one major difference when you use a advanced designed trap over a more primitive one.