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Autobiography of Leggett’s Fox Trapping Methods by Ron and Pete Leggett, book Review

Trapping Book Review

Autobiography of Leggett’s Fox Trapping Methods

By Ron & Pete Leggett 

Title: Autobiography of Leggett’s Fox Trapping Methods by Ron and Pete Leggett

Book category: Fox Trapping

Book Length: 52 pages

Pictures: Several, including diagrams- all black and white

Entertainment: 5

Education: 8

Who is this designed for? Fox trapping

Who is this not designed for? Fox only book, no snow trapping or snaring

Rating system: 1-10 (1 = poor, 3 = below average, 5 = average, 7 = above average, 9-10 = excellent)


Leggett’s Fox Trapping Methods by Ron and his father Pete Leggett, is a fifty-two page start to finish book about fox trapping. Chapters include information about the red and grey fox, pre-season planning, traps, lures, urines, bait, locations, sets, pelt handling, and more.

For me, the positives of this book are numerous.  These include the diagrams of and photos of farms (and other similar locations) with the sets, as well as the cardinal directions clearly marked.

The cardinal directions come in handy, as the Leggett’s discuss the importance of wind direction as it relates to set locations (how lure smells carry), as well as how humidity and  weather fronts can affect your catch.

I also appreciate the segment on softcatch traps in the traps and stakes chapter, as softcatch traps are a requirement where I trap. Though the traps are basically the same as their non-padded counterparts, there are some nuances that can be problematic if not treated differently.

In addition to the more traditional aspects of the book, the Leggett’s also talk about urine collection.  This entails what to feed your fox, cleaning the collection pen, and tips on the urine uncontaminated.

Other topics of interest include: scent control, opinions on baiting and pre-baiting, learning to make the deep step-down dirthole and the tapered step-down dirthole, trapline equipment, lures, using wire stretchers, and how to comb the fur for a fuller look.

As good as this book is, there are some aspects that I think could have been tweaked to enhance it even more.  First, one of the most well-known aspects of their success is their set, the step-down dirthole, but this topic is pushed all the way back to chapter fifteen, which in and of itself isn’t a big factor, but several times throughout the book, they mention their set, and then state it is found in chapter fifteen.  As I said, it’s not a huge deal, but if you don’t jump to chapter fifteen to read about the set, you may not fully understand some of the things discussed in earlier chapters.

I also felt the anti-freeze chapter felt a little dated, as there is no mention of using peat moss, wax dirt, or propylene glycol.  Instead, sodium nitrate (a fertilizer) is the only thing discussed other than collecting and using dry dirt.  But these quips aside, there is little to complain about in this book. 

Overall, this book is a definite purchase for anyone who wants a start to finish approach on fox trapping, as well as anyone wanting to learn the Leggett method to making large catches of fox. A solid book on fox trapping.

by Brandon M.

Note from Clint…….I took intruction from the Leggetts years ago. They brought the us the high speed modern fox trapping we know today. They are great trappers, but more than that, they are the best folks you will ever want to meet. I know I was blessed to spend a few days with them both.