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Pockets sets, PVC raccoon sets, Blind sets, Dog proof trap, lure on a stick for raccoons, thoughts from Dustin

Hello from the wonderful world of Nebraska! Today is the morning of the 3rd of November. It is 6 am and I am getting ready to roll out on my line. The first 2 days have been a blur. I am struggling to remember anything. My muscles are sore and I am always hungry!
For starters, I should of done more pre-staking! The ones I have done have saved me a ton of time. Now I am starting every set from scratch and it is really tough to get a large number of sets in a day. Add to that the fact that you have to check all your traps, gather your catches and build new sets, it all makes for a tiring day.
The first road block I came across was something I never in my wildest dreams thought would of caused me grief. We had our first killing frost a week or so ago. Where I am trapping in the woods I am having trouble finding the trails due to the four inches of leaves that have fallen on the ground. I guess this could be a good thing, at least now I know if the trail is bare it is a good trail.
Second road block was crops in the fields. This year I am surprised how many crops are still in the field. This is something else I over looked. Normally they are out by now and I can drive anywhere I want, but that is not the case as of yet. So for now I am having to stay pretty close to the bridges on most of my properties.
Third road block was not a huge one but I think it cost me some coon. What I did wrong was I put sets too close to one another and I had one coon in two different sets. My logic for this was trying to use the anchor coon as my decoy and take more then one coon at a location. Well long sorry short I had to do some moving of sets to make more room in between them.
As far as the type of sets I am running I kind of threw all sorts of different type of sets out. Pockets, PVC, Blind, Dps, lure on a stick and blind sets. I only had one set that out performed the rest and wouldn’t you know it was a blind set. So I struggled through the leaves and pounded in a bunch more blind sets and very few other type of sets.
Something that surprised me was that I did not catch one coon, NOT ONE COON, in a DP. I caught grinners and mice but not one coon. I was using Randy Smiths baiting routine with Federales and dog food and put oil all around. I have about 4 doz dps out… frustrating!
I hope you guys had a great opening day of the season!
God Bless,