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First week of the trapping season, Blind sets rule! thoughts from Dustin

Well guys the first week of trapping season is in the books! What a week it has been. Everyday was an absolute blast
First thing I want to talk about is blind sets. Guys if you have never played with blind sets you owe it to yourself to try them. They flat out work. You will be amazed how many different critters you have in your trapping areas. So far in one week the only thing I did not catch is a bobcat off of a blind set.
Feral Cat
All fell to the blind set. In a week I caught all of those different species using the same set. Two sticks cross on a trail and a trap bedded 3 inches away from the sticks. Like I mentioned before, the only thing I did not catch was a bobcat! It is just a matter of time before that happens.
New guys, find some trails and bed some steel. You will be amazed how many critters you will grab in them!
Next thing I want to talk about that totally changed my out look on dryland coon trapping! Two words: DOUBLE JAWS! I made a video on how I set them up on trappernation. If you look me up on youtube you will also see the video. I would have lost over 22 coon this first week had I not put double jaws on my traps! If you are ever thinking about doing any coon trapping I would recommend double jawing your traps. I will probably never again make a coon set with a trap that is not double jawed.
The Snares: I am using 1/16th 1 by 19 cable they are working well with no twist or chew outs! It seems that the foot holds are beating the snot out of them if you compare catches. I set them up to neck snare the coons. Out of the hand full of coons I caught only 1 was neck snared. I am starting to think neck snaring coons is a myth! I am ready to start opening up my loops to stop the knock downs.
I also am playing with some 220s on ArrowHead stabilizers. I really like the stabilizers and the dead critters in the 220s but if the trails are at all open the foot holds really shine compared to the body grips.
Dog Proofs, I am really struggling with this style of trapping. I have done everything I can think of besides trying a different style of dp trap. So I ordered some PULL ONLY dog proof traps. After watching my night footage of critters working dps I think I have finally figured out the DP way of trapping. After catching 120 some grinners 10 or so mice and a couple feral cats and only ONE FREAKING COON running 48 traps something has to change. I will inform you if my new theory works out. If it does work out I will explain the theory if not I will save my dignity.
Trap line humor, well as of yesterday I caught myself in a Bridger #2 trap for the third time! OUCH! My knuckles are getting sore! In one 25 foot stretch along a lake I fell 5 times but managed to stay dry. The last bit of humor was that I never realized how far a skunk could spray. Apparently it is more than 10 foot. So I am officially in that club now also! 
Weather was pretty fair for the most part! In the middle of the week we had 1.75 inch of rain. This really slowed up my line! I had to pull a ton of sets that were in places I would not be able to get to because of the mud. Not too much freezing yet! It sounds like that will show up next week. The peat moss handled the rain great. I have gone through a ton of it this week. If you guys have not tried it give it shot.
Well enough of me rambling. I am signing out, hopefully next week I will have a good report on my dog proof theory!
Here is a link to a video showing a triple on the same trail using blind sets.
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiUyyGEI-UY (You can inbed it. I posted it on youtube!)
God Bless,
Dustin Drews