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bobcat lure ..CAT COLLECTOR..that works like advertised

My name is Garrett B. from north Texas, I am 12 years old and new to trapping. I wanted to thank you for the advice that you gave me about my pan tension on bobcats, it has really helped me a ton. I also wanted to say how awesome your Cat Collector lure works. I would recommend it to any and every cat trapper as their main lure for cats. In just a couple days with only 4 sets out I caught 3 cats with the lure. The cats absolutely love it even after being caught the cats dug out the lure from the hole and started chewing on it and rubbing in it. The lure works so well that you don’t even need a flag for some of the sets as soon as they get a wif they are like a heat seeking missile to the set. I am extraordinarily impressed with the lure, I have attached some links of some of the bobcats I have caught with it.

Tear’em up young man, good job!

Clint Locklear