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A trapper and his wife, pick correctly

 If you are a young fellow, listen up! If you have dreams of being a fire breathing long lining state hopping trapper, you better pick your wife correctly. Let me tell you a fact, this is a fact that will not change no matter who you are. You will not change a woman no different than a woman will not change a man. So you need to find a good wife that will support what you want to do. It takes a strong independent girl to put up with a high rolling trapper. You will be asking her to become a trapping widow for weeks at a time as you run around the country chasing fur. The is what happens if you DO NOT pick the right wife.

If you want to find a awesome wife, you need to find one like Cindy, my wife. If not you will think the below story board is not that funny.


The wrong wife for a trapper when your dating her.

The wrong trapper’s wife when you are married and trapping hard.

The wrong trapper’s after she decides she wants a normal husband.

The trapper when he is dating.

The trapper after he is married to the wrong woman.

The trapper after the wrong trapper’s wife gets even with him for his trapping lifestyle.