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North American Fur Auction June 3, 2012 fur results. What is the fur market on the global scale and what you can sale your fur for?

North American Fur Auction prices at the latest international fur auction in Canada. If you’re a¬†trapper, you need to follow what the market trends are and adjust you personal trap line to get maximum results for your time. Please understand that everyone’s fur is graded on what you catch, fur quality and color, so you can not expect all furs to be Top Lot or even the average price.

Coyotes avg, (heavy) $51.16, (semi) $28.47 and (eastern) $21.17

Raccoon avg, (western northern) $18.71 though (central) $8.94

Wild Mink avg, $21.42

Otter avg, $66.66

Beaver avg around $30.00

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Please leave you averages in the comments. Also please state where you are from so we call all know what fur quality you have sold. This will give us a more realistic look at fur prices today. Even if you sold in the country, let us know what you made on your fur.


  1. Linvol Webb says:

    South West Va.
    Beaver- 25.11
    Grey Fox- 38.33
    Lynx Cat – 54.00
    Red Fox-46.50
    Raccoon -13.62
    Otter-0 bought back

  2. ted yarbro says:

    north central arkansas beaver-25.20 otter-86.00 muskrat -9.70 mink-26.70 coon-12.78 coyotes-20.45 red fox 41.00 grey fox 37.00 nutria-0 castor-0 cats-102.50

  3. lotsofmink says:

    Saskatchewan canada

    Beaver 22
    Mink 24
    Weasel 2
    Fox 22
    Coyotes 51
    Fisher 85

  4. Troyottertail says:

    Well I hope whoevers gonna be trapping have a lot of good success.