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Want to understand your fellow man a little better, take the time to go over the comments under one of my YouTube trapping videos.

If you are wanting to have a good laugh and get a grip on the “modern” world we live in today, take a few moments and read the comments under one of my You Tube video. This is what I call “computer balls”, you notice i did not say “face to face balls”. I am willing to bet that all of these computer liberal “want to be men” would show the COWARDS they are if I or any other trapper could see the color of their eyes. I get threats all the time, No big deal. This is just a great entertaining read for a logical person to shake their head at.

It is clear that most people have no clue about trapping, animals or mother nature in her true form. You will notice, I don’t comment very much on You Tube, why? and whats the point. To have a good laugh and a good cry due to people’sĀ arrogance and ignorance, go to You Tube


  1. mcb says:

    I wonder if there has ever been 1 anti to have ever followed through with the threats
    they make on the computer. I for one have never known one to do it, which just tells
    me one thing they are all cowards, or just insane. The same people that are against trapping are usually for abortion. That just tells ya what type of people these are. They hold an animals life higher than a humans. The people that have true respect for these animals are trappers! In an antis warped mind they think they are saving animals when in reality they are destroying animals. The anti’s methods in conservation is madness! But NO they read it in a book, they’re experts!

    1. admin says:

      Some have, normally not face to face, but they have burned downed some houses and fur shed. Cowards doing cowardly things.

      Most liberals that are anit’s do belive in human population control. I willing to bet that they are not thinking about themself, their kids or theit parents.

  2. Matt says:

    wow….amazing how backwards these people think. “Your raping the land”….”murdering Gods innocent creatures”…..they don’t know much about God becouse he done give us dominion over the earth and all the critters for our use straightway in the book of Genesis. Heck he was the first fur harvester after the sin when he covered Adam and Eve with skins of animals….keep on trap’n brother!

  3. Bud Stroup says:

    Man that some funny stuff, sad but funny. So much hate and they kept useing the word Pussy when bad mouthing your cat video. Funny!