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Beaver trapping knowledge, Beavers building a lodge. Do muskrats live in the beaver house with the beaver? Beaver move quickly out of their den holes, really?

To be a better beaver trapper, we all need to study our target animal. Videos are great, spending time out in the woods is better. This way we can study the land for a better trap location. You will even find some amazing video sources at your local library.

This You Tube trapping video should be studied to become a better beaver trapper. Beaver trapping is a lot easier if we know about the beaver itself.

Some things I noticed on this video. I have been told muskrats live with beaver in their house, some say only in abandoned houses. This video sets this question straight.

We have all been told that beaver leave their den holes under water quickly, really? This might explain some reasons to blend in the trap if possible at a den opening.