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one style of a trench set for coyote trapping. A different way to bed one’s trap while using wax paper for a pan cover.

Killing coyotes with a trench set is a proven way to catch more coyotes. There are many ways and styles of this set that are used by a lot of trappers. Don’t be afraid to try different styles on your trap line.

This is one version of the trench set for coyotes and bobcats. Wax paper is used for a pan cover. This gentleman beds his trap in a way I have never seen. It looks like it is rock sold so a coyote will not cause the trap to tip or rock out of the bed. This would be a way to try bedding a trap and seeing how it works.

I love this set because it meets the big and ugly factor when making a coyote dirt hole sets. I also love how this trapper understands that if a problem occurred that it was his fault, not the equipment or lure. That is a trapper taking responsiblity for his trap line and not blaming everything else.


  1. Bud Stroup says:

    I like that (not getting a free meal from me.) mind set.

  2. Lucas Mcintyre says:

    His name is troy Erickson great guy. He traps in the bid woods of Wisconsin home of the badgers lol. Check him out on facebook.