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Coyote Lure question about Paw Placer coyote lure from Predator Control Group

Coyote lure comes in may forms to help you trap more coyotes. Asking the lure maker how he uses the lure and how he or she tests the lure is a great idea. If the lure maker does not have a good response, you might need to wonder why. Does the lure maker trap enough to have a grasp to know the best way to use the product he is selling. This is not a slam on any particular trapper lure or lure maker, just some serious food for thought.

Clint, I was wondering about Paw Placer. I understand it is a coyote Gland lure with boosters. But what I’m needing to know is Paw Placer a good lure for dirt hole sets in a replacement of straight Coyote gland lure on or at a post set. Can you kind of give me some advice about how you use it. I’m a coyote trapper by no account, but my grandmother asked me to catch a few in her back 80 this season and I need a good coyote based gland lure. Buy the way is this a good change-up lure for any other fur bearers?

 Darren C. from MO

First off,  let me say that I am glad to hear you are thinking about what coyote lure you might be using. This will always give you better results than just throwing something down a hole because it has “coyote lure” on the bottle.

Paw Placer does have a nice coyote gland base to it, but it also has two other animal glands in the base. This means that it may not be the best choice for a classic coyote fresh or rotten down gland lure. these classic gland lure are great to use and have a purpose for every coyote trapper. These classic gland lure give you a some-what body odor of a coyote at a trap set. This type of coyote lure may give you some curiosity factor and or a territory response from certain coyotes in a family group. Some of the writings of the founding lure makes of the past, like Bill Nelson, thought and used natural style glands as a suspicion remover.

Since Paw Placer coyote lure has different animal glands in the base, you will not trick a coyote to think it is a natural body odor in my opinion. Because of the added glands, you will get a second look from a coyote, because the glands that are used should not be found at a set in most places. I think if you make a coyote try to figure out what is or has been at a trap set, the longer the coyote or other animal will hang around. The boosters in this lure also has a little food inflection, in heat factors and even more curiosity factors. So there is a lot of things going on in the coyotes brain. Bill Nelson, called this a call lure, but not in the same way that is used today with extra shots of skunk, SSF or other loud calling ingredients. Bill used the term of calling to explain that the lure called the animal in different manners for different responses.

I do use Place Placer lure as a stand alone lure at basic coyote flat sets, if I think the coyotes have had a lot of pressure. This would also come into effect if the area is known for using a common lure brand on a mass scale. Like Carmans Canine Call in PA. GH-2 coyote lure in GA or Hawbakers lure in NY. Paw Placer is a strange or even a ”funky” odor that most coyotes do not come in-contact with day after day during the trapping season. I will also use it as a stand alone coyote lure if I know I have an on edge” female coyote that is staying away from other coyote lures. The “funky” odor can help you out if you or someone else has used a ton of standard smelling coyote lures. Some times I will add a bait like Federales, because it also has a very different odor that say Primal Paste Bait or Powder River Paste Bait from Craig O’ Gorman. These are more of a classical coyote bait. You can use Paw Placer at sets, even if you don’t have a hard to catch coyote, but I have a tendency to hold this coyote lure back, because I do so much predator control.

I will also use it in dirt hole sets, but again I do not start off with Paw Placer. I use it after I use more standard trapping lures to pick up the young and easy to catch coyotes. I really don’t use it alone in a dirt hole set, I always use a bait, commercial or natural, in the hole with it. I want to make sure they know supper is served and pull them in with the call lure effect of Paw Placer.

I think that also explains about the “change-up” factor you are looking for. As far as other animals, I have had good luck with it on Red Fox and Boar coon. I have caught several bobcats with it, but I would not consider it a great bobcat lure. For some reason I have only caught a few Grey Fox with it.

I hope this helps you use Paw Place coyote lure to meet you needs, good luck this season and stack the coyotes high.