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Finding what your looking for

As you can tell this is a new format for the Wolfer Nations Video Mag. We at Predator Control Group wanted to have more information that is important and interesting to trappers today, besides only trapping video’s. Our new format allows you to find information at the click of the mouse.

So how can you find the information you are interested in with quick and simple click of the mouse?

1. The category menu that is on the right hand side of the page allows you to find different topics with a simple mouse click. If you want to find trapping videos about coyote trapping, click your mouse on the word coyote. All the videos on coyotes will come up on your computer screen. You will have 20 videos on the page at one time. After you pick from these videos, you will notice a link at the bottom of the page that says “older post” or “newer post” (depending how deep you are into the site). When you click on “older post” 20 move coyote video will show up on your computer. You can always go back to the home page by clicking on “home” at the top of the page.

If you want to look up another topic of videos, like beaver. Go to the home page and then click on beaver. You can also click on the “video” button in the menu and you will be able to see all of our trapping and snaring videos. They will show up in the newest to oldest order for you to go through.

2. We are also going to have a lot of news stories that pertain to trappers. You will find that trapping issues are going on all over the country. Some will be about laws, the public’s perception and animal and human conflicts. This is the only News source of this kind in the trapping industry. The news stories will be on the home page and in “older post” in order. You can find them all by clicking on the “News” button in the right hand category menu.

You will also see a category that says “articles and info“. This category will have trapping article, trapping laws, convention dates and a lot of different topics that trappers will find helpful and interesting.

3. This new format allows you to add comments or ask questions under each video or article. Hit the button to leave comment under each video or article that you wish to have your voice heard. To keep down spam and anti-nut jobs from junking up the comments, we will approve the comments before they show up on the site. We get to them as fast as we can.

4. You can also add key words into the search feature at the top right of the page. This will help you find what you are looking.



  1. Dave Granger says:

    Love your talk radio.that said as of today iam having no luck
    Trying to log into the pod cast.Did something change
    Thanks for all the great info.

    Dave Granger

    1. admin says:

      Oh Yes something changed. I just found out about it and my web guy is working on it. I’m not sure what happend but should be fixed soon. Sorry about what ever is happening on Trapping Radio.

  2. nathan winterowd says:

    I’m looking for help in finding new lures to test for my area.

  3. iowajohn says:

    Can not find the free video help

    1. admin says:

      If you go to the catagory on the video mag, scroll down a little bit. You will see videos. Click on that catagory, we have over a 100 free videos on the site for you to look at. You can also choose an animal, like coyote and there will be videos and trapping articles you can look at.