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Trapping Store

Click this link PCG STORE to find Clint’s and Predator Control Group’s lures, baits, books and dvd’s. You will find the same lure and baits that Clint makes and uses himself on his and fur and control trap lines. The dvds and books are entertaining, but more importantly loaded with instruction that will guide you into becoming a better and faster fur taker.


  1. david l bona says:

    love your videos even for an old trapper like me keep up the good work

  2. Mr. Mahan says:

    looking into trapping in the city to control coon and opossum with an occasional groundhog. Saw you tube video about your dog proof coon trap, would like more info…thanks

  3. chad dolbear says:

    Pit pans I think is what they are called. The new pans that are put on the long spring traps to fix pan tension. I am just looking for some prices right now thank you