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Get Involved

Predator Control Group is asking you to share your skills and knowledge. If you have methods that will help out you fellow fur brothers and can make a video or have a You Tube channel, let me know. We would love to show your videos on Wolfer Nation, but we have to know about them. If you can film yourself trapping, go grab a high school kid and have the post the video to You Tube and then let us know how to find it. We will grab the video and let your fellow Wolfer Nation Members see your videos.

If you would like to write an article to be on the WN Video Mag, send us an email with the text and pics to go with the article. If you come to Wolfer Nation to learn, then give back and help make another trapper a better trapper with you trapping experience. These article can be instruction based, funny, story about your trap line, trapping memory from child hood, how to modify traps, catch turtles, make lures or what ever. You know things that will help your fellow fur brothers, so get involved with Wolfer Nation.

If you have a neat trapping photo, end of year catch, day catch, great trapping pic with your kid or found an old trapping photo that is interesting, send it to us. Be proud of what you do and then share it with us. we will help share your trap line experiences.

If you have national or state trapping association news, let us know. We will get it out to trappers for you. If you find out about something that is happening in your area that trappers need to know or would find interesting, send us the news. We will help you get the word out.

Our Video Mag gets more eyeballs than most of the trapping paper mags out there today, plus it will be archived and searchable for the future.

If you like and learn from the Video Mag, then help us make it better.

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  1. matt loomis says:

    Do you have a facebook page? Would love to add you and or become a member of your site. )989( 817-1487