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Most asked Questions

This page is for the most asked questions Clint gets at Predator Control Group. I am adding this page for a selfish reason. The questions below, I get on e-mail, You Tube, PM’s or Wolfer Nations forums several times a week or daily. This page will allow you to look at the questions and maybe find out something you have been wondering about. The selfish part of this page for me, is so I can write a detailed response and then copy and paste to e-mails or PM’s. This way i can go into detail and not have to re-write the answers several times a week or day.

If you want to look at out answers to these questions, you can hit the link at the end of the question. I will also have them in the category on the home page. If you want to find all the questions and surf around them, just click on the category “Most asked questions”.

1. Do you sell the blue buckets I see you using in your videos for peat moss or grass clippings. If you don’t sell them, where can I get them? Read More

2. How can I take off Full Metal Jacket so I can re-dye my traps? Read More

3. Can I dip traps that I have painted in Full Metal Jacket trap dip? Read More


  1. Danny Hansen says:

    I am looking for more ideas on keeping track of my trap set locations and number of traps for each location. Ive tried note book entries and voice recoreders, and all work fine but an error costs too much money whether it be losing traps or the gas and time spent trying to find where i missed my traps. I am planning a 200 plus mile trap line with over 150 traps this year. Ive looked into gps posibliities but my knowledge of electronics is little to none and my pocket book has tight limits as well. especially if i am guessing at it and i turn out to be wrong. i can do good with writing these sets down my big problem comes when i pull or relocate traps. i am trapping roadway culverts on a number of different county roads through over 4 counties. Would like to hear how you would approach this type of longline. thanks Danny

    1. admin says:

      Have you thought of using a simple hand held or truck mounted GPS will trapping?

  2. John Cipala says:

    Any recomendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    1. admin says:

      on what?

  3. Bruce Bundschuh says:

    Can you send a Catalog? Thanks. Bruce Bundschuh 673 w cr 42 Tiffin Ohio 44883.

    1. admin says:

      I sure will.