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Trapping Muskrat dens in a pond, open water, video

Trapping Muskrats is going to be hot again this year. We are getting a lot of new trappers on Wolfer Nation by the questions I am getting. So I thought this would be a good video to show. The reason to show it is because you can clearly see the muskrat dens from the bank of …

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Trapping, How to make the trigger on a body grip trap not travel as far. This will help you catch more fur and get more neck catches.

body grip trap trigger

  Note: this was a good question on Wolfer Nation Forum’s, so i will take the time to write a small article on the subject. I have played with the triggers on bodygrip triggers for a long time. I have filed areas on the trigger and dog and screwed up a lot of triggers. On smaller traps like …

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Trapping Coyote Video, What Predator Control Group was experimenting with on the high fence for coyotes and bobcats. Note: this is a very, very bad idea in most of the country, trappers have to be smart and use their head with methods like this.

How to catch more coyotes?  Want to catch more bobcats or raccoons? It is simple really, I am always asking questions. I am always observing and questioning what I think I know. I get asked all the time, how did you figure that out or come up with that product or trapping method. It may …

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Beaver Trapping, watch this beaver get caught in a 330 bodygrip (conibear) trap


Beaver Trapping, (part one) Clint Carry talks about summer beaver control trapping and the business side of building an ADC business.Clint shows how he uses a bodygrip (conibear) trap to catch problem beaver.