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Trapping Muskrat dens in a pond, open water, video

Trapping MuskratsĀ is going to be hot again this year. We are getting a lot of new trappers on Wolfer Nation by the questions I am getting. So I thought this would be a good video to show. The reason to show it is because you can clearly see the muskrat dens from the bank of …

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Beaver trapping knowledge, Beavers building a lodge. Do muskrats live in the beaver house with the beaver? Beaver move quickly out of their den holes, really?

To be a better beaver trapper, we all need to study our target animal. Videos are great, spending time out in the woods is better. This way we can study the land for a better trap location. You will even find some amazing video sources at your local library. This You Tube trapping video should …

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