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First week of the trapping season, Blind sets rule! thoughts from Dustin

trapping blind set

Well guys the first week of trapping season is in the books! What a week it has been. Everyday was an absolute blast First thing I want to talk about is blind sets. Guys if you have never played with blind sets you owe it to yourself to try them. They flat out work. You will be amazed …

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Tuning and adjusting dog proof traps and footholds

Some quick tips on adjusting foothold and dog proof traps My dog proof raccoon trap does not fire, how to fix it. How to adjust the trigger pull on Freedom Brand Dog Proof Trap. My dog proof trap does not set, how to fix it. My foothold trap pan is not level, how to fix …

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Dog Proof traps, urine freezing, Saber Tooth Drags, coyote bait, questions to Clint Locklear

how to trap and catch raccoons dog proof trap

Hello Clint; I an old trapper from back in the 1950s.. I am now retired and spending a lot more time trapping..:)  I have several of your videos and follow you on WolferNation. The Alcatraz trap is a great design. I have quite a background in metal fab and manufacturing. After reading and following the …

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How to trap raccoons in blind sets with foothold traps and Trapping with deer hunters !

raccoon trapping blind set

How to trap raccoons in blind sets with foothold traps and Trapping with deer hunters !   The woods are a busy place in Nebraska on 2nd weekend through the 3rd weekend of November of deer season. It seems that every Tom Dick and Harry that owns a rifle is driving all the country roads trying to find the …

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