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A trapper and his wife, pick correctly


 If you are a young fellow, listen up! If you have dreams of being a fire breathing long lining state hopping trapper, you better pick your wife correctly. Let me tell you a fact, this is a fact that will not change no matter who you are. You will not change a woman no different …

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A real man’s….Fifty Shades of Grey….. contract for his woman


Fifty Shades of Grey, I Just learned what this book is about. Keep in mind that this book is probably the most popular fiction book on the planet right now. If you don’t know about the book or the contract in the book ask your wife or any woman you run into today. The contract …

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Survival of the Fittest!


  I (Clint) have been asked by non-trappers, “what if you get bit?”. This may be coyotes, bobcats, raccoon, fox or beaver. I normally will respond, “I would be fair”. Now I don’t want to be bite, but if I do, it would normally be my fault not the animals. They are going to do what …

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This is very funny and very sad all at the same time. King Curtis!