Our Shipping

Our Shipping

We have our Shipping and Handling set up in an easy to understand system. How we are charging shipping is a little different than most trapping supplies companies. We use USPS and that gives us an advantage of using flat rate boxes and standard priority shipping boxes. We have been in this game for a while, so we know what the shipping will be and how much product we can fit into these boxes. We are using a weight based system, but we are not only using the weight of each product. We are are figuring out how much product can be put into the boxes and how much that will cost you. Since we do not sell traps and other heavy bulky trapping supplies, we can put a lot of DVDs, lure and bait into flat rate boxes and priority shipping boxes. Our shipping is based on how much we can put into these boxes, charge for that amount and save you in shipping charges.  

This system will allow you to buy a single lure or a couple of lures and pay a low amount of shipping. Our system also allows you to buy several pounds of baits, lures and DVDs and pay a cheaper amount of shipping due to flat rate boxes. If you order more product than we can fit into a large flat rate box, the rest of the shipping is on us, not you.

The shipping is as follows:

2 oz - 6 oz is $6.99

6.1 oz - 1 pound is $8.99

1 pound and 1 oz - 5 pounds is $14.99

5 pounds and 1 oz and over is $22.90

Please keep in mind that you can order 3 2oz bottles of lure and 6 DVDs for $6.99. Now that is trapper friendly shipping, and  5 pounds of lure is 40 bottles of 2 oz lures. That is a lot of space and weight for a low shipping rate of $14.99.


******Right now we are offering free shipping on videos and bulk video packages.



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