CAT COLLECTOR,bobcat trapping video

CAT COLLECTOR,bobcat trapping video

CAT COLLECTOR,bobcat trapping video
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Follow along with Clint Locklear from Predator Control Group as he explains in detail his system for taking numbers of cats anywhere in the country.

For FOUR HOURS  Clint drills down on commercial bobcat trapping, not hobby or sport trapping methods. Clints system allows you to attack a bobcat population, get them caught and get to the next group of cats. You will understand how a cat works a set and why general predator set are not a high percentage bobcat set. You will learn the rules of production cat trapping and then be able to take these guidelines and rock’n roll on your own cat line.

Besides the instruction side of the Cat Collector DVD, you will see several cat working sets, getting caught and fighting the trap in NIGHT VISION FOOTAGE!

NOTE FROM Clint: I decided not to put out a cat trapping video till I could hammer a cat population as fast as raccoon trapping. For years I have been looking at different ways to speed up and cut misses. The system on this video is my full system on taking a very high percentage of the cats in an area. Control is the key. If you don’t control the key issues, you will miss a lot of cats. General predator sets miss to many cats. If you want to rack up the numbers, this system will work for you anywhere in the country. You will also see a ton of cats on the video. Cat Collector is entertaining, but like the rest of our video’s, it is made for you to be a better trapper. I’m very proud of this video, it is worth several thousand dollars to any bobcat trapper. I wish I had this information several years ago.  If you are wanting to learn a serious bobcat system you will not be disappointed.



What trappers are saying about the CAT COLLECTOR DVD.

"Clint, after viewing your new DVD over the weekend I must say that you reached a level that NO ONE else has. Hell, they didn't even know there was another level.It's almost an unfair advantage  for the younger trappers to have this information available! I've spent 30 yrs. chasing bobcats, boy would I like a do over.You managed to explain things that I've done for 10-15 yrs. I didn't know why I did them, but I knew they worked. I wish I could tell you how many cat tracks I've seen on the pattern "wide right" in 30 yrs.--- 100's. Through your unparalleled quest for knowledge you have blasted to the front of this industry, KEEP IT UP! As for now you are the industry leader."  Brad G 

"Got mine yesterday and watched the first half of the DVD (It's a 2 volume set). Good cat trapping information, particularly set construction."  Cameron2

"Just finished watching it! Another excellent DVD Clint!Lots of good info. Excellent quality as usual. Many new ideas to try and many of my own beliefs confirmed a little more. I would highly recommend this DVD for anyone wanting to stack up the cats"  strow1

"The quality sets it apart from others. Clint gives good explanations of what he's doing and why. The sound is good and the filming is great (you can see what he's doing cause he's not in the way).Excellent educational dvd to add to anyone's library. It's obvious a lot of work went into this one. Well worth the price." Ccary1

"just finished the dvds. Great video, awesome ideas, i cant wait til next season to try them out." HeartlandTrapper

Just watched 'Cat Collecter', one of the best I`ve ever seen, VERY INFORMATIVE!


Cat Collector DVD.  Well worth the $ if you plan on trapping cats. Txtrapper


I live in Kansas, trap open areas and brushy areas, have land completely different than Texas, but still thought that DVD was the most useful out of all the other cat trapping DVDs I own.. btw, I'm an AGR too, Kansas State University... Heartlandtrapper




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