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Long Liner Times (free shipping)

The LONG LINER TIMES is the underground trapping publication that was put out by Predator Control Group for 3 years. LONG LINER TIMES is a no holds bar and absolutly no P.C. publication. Each copy is 36 content rich pages. If we made each issue in the normal small trapping book form, you would be getting a 72 page trapping book with each issue. Unlike most trapping magazines, LLT is not full of advertising, but hardcore trapping info.

We had to make our own magazine to speak to the true hardcore trappers out there. Most of our articals would get cut to peices to be allowed in most of the worm and fuzzy trapping magazines on the market. We talk like trappers, act like men and write like trappers think. Some non-child freindly words and topics are used. LLT is not a publication for the masses or kids. It is for men that strive to catch all the fur they can in what time they have to trap. If you are looking for "real" infomation from real "commercial professional numbers and money"trappers, you will truely enjoy the back issues of LONG LINER TIMES.

 "I think that it is a great magazine with a lot of excellent advice. I am interested in buying the first years worth" fur baron

"I'm going to suggest that you get as many back issues as are available. Worth the money in information as well as motivation. Scott W."

"Your rite on their. I think it's the best magazine out their, for hardcore trapping info. It's a shame to so it go" ckamolz

"It was by far the best trapping mag out there." wvtrapperI

Issue #3 content:

1. do you flat set? by Clint Locklear*** Clint looks into an over looked by deadly set.

2. Blow your own Horn by Denis Murphy*** blowing your own horn about catching coyotes and his urban coyote line

3. Getting Your Name Out by Keith Harkleroad***business priciple

4. Trapper X*** makes fun of lure makers

5. The Power of the hardcore mindset by Clint Locklear***The differnce between catching low and high numbers is in your head. Hardcore motivotion

6. Bait vs Lure by Clint Locklear*** he explains how trappers have been dopped into trusting lure only at a set. Don't fall for the sales pitch.

7. Why is Trapping Important to me by Roland Welker*** a great way to look at life and trapping

8. do you SLATE when you bait by Keith Harkleroad*** Kieth shares with us a neat dirt replacement that fights rain.

9. Product Testing and Abuse Report***testing the STIHL BT-45 Auger for trapping

10. Legs, Legs, Legs by Clint Locklear*** learn a set that was taught to Clint by an old timer that wears the coyotes, fox and cats out!

11. Real Cable Stakes by Clint Locklear*** a cable stake you will fall in love with, no hammer needed and few catch circles.


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