Coyote Gland, BOOTY CALL, coyote lure

Coyote Gland, BOOTY CALL, coyote lure

Coyote Gland, BOOTY CALL, coyote lure
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BOOTY CALL coyote gland is a true fresh coyote gland lure. I refuse to add fillers to bulk up this natural lure. Coyotes want to smell the booty, not filler. Gland lure is needed to play in the big leagues with adult coyotes. We take a lot of pride in the fact that our coyote gland lure is nothing but anal booty glands. We do not waste space in our gland lure with feet pads, sexual organs, ear butts, livers and galls, nothing but the booty. Now let me ask you as a coyote trapper a question, when is the last time you have seen a K-9 go up and smell the ears or feet of another K-9? That is why we only use the booty, a coyote will try and shove his or her noise into the back side of another coyote to see who they are and where they have been.

Using a great fresh coyote gland lure is a must on a coyote trappers line. Coyotes love the body odor of another coyote. Adult Alpha male coyotes and Alpha female coyotes are a sucker for a natural looking trap set and a pure fresh booty filled coyote gland to calm their nerves. So give them what they like and what they want, and thats BOOTY CALL coyote gland

2oz bottle


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