April 21 2018
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global launch of God Action RPG - Gods Origin Online

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19-09-2017 02:12 AM global launch of God Action RPG - God...
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ViVaGames is pleased to announce the global launch of God Action RPG, Gods Origin Online throughout over 140 countries. Gods Origin Online is available at Google Play, Apple App Store and Facebook ViVaGames for PC users and supporting seamless cross-platform play.

There will be more language options later this year. ViVaGames will support global cross-platform play through all of its games planned to develop in the future.

Swords: Close combat, multiple or single opponent attack. High defence and attack.
Archer: Ranged Aoe / sniper attack, Medium Defence and HP.
Priest: Ranged Aoe / single opponent attack, Low Defence and HP.
Cavalry: Close combat, multiple or single opponent attack. Medium defence, high attack.
Spearman: Close combat, multiple or single opponent attack. Medium defence, high attack.

YouTube Video

Swordsman beat Spearman, Spearman beat Cavalry, Cavalry beat Swordsman, Archer and Priest beat each other. It is important to remember that skills can be affected by weather and wind.

On sunny days, the Priest cannot use lightning, on rainy days, Priest and Spearman cannot use fire. Wind direction will affect the fire effect. Forces who standing downwind will be hurt by fire, so watch out for fire damage spreading to friendly forces.

ViVaGames has expanded its service to Europe, North and South America and other countries by operating its global game portal ViVaGames.com with 60 million players from all over the world. ViVaGames is currently working on the releases of PC MMORPG Gods Origin Online and mobile golf game Shot Online Golf: World Championship, amongst other game titles. Further information on ViVaGames and its games can be found at http://goo.vivaga....
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