April 21 2018
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A real comment for Pokemon Mega from a master player

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26-09-2017 03:06 AM A real comment for Pokemon Mega from ... | Edited by beckettett 26-09-2017 03:08 AM
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The Pokemon Mega now offers a new starter pack containing 7 core packs and a skin for Ra.Collect and Conquer – Opening booster packs is not the only way to build your champion deck. Players may only battle alongside other players against monsters. While members of a guild and their enemies can receive points in the same provinces, players are granted one Victory Point per presence in province.Pokemon Mega is a browser-based 2D fighting game set in the fictional world of the Bleach manga/anime. It's free-to-play, so if you'd like to give it a try, its shiny new browser page is here.

YouTube Video

Pokemon Mega’s arena and engage in quick and intense action through highly competitive, rip-roaring 2v2 and 3v3 battles. Be strong and do not go along with that “who pays more is winner” -competition.

The highly-anticipated Western MMO, Pokemon Mega officially launches into Closed Alpha today as a series of closed tests. or even a 8 Hour player.

 Recruit heroes and devils alike to join you in battle against your foes!

I’m just saying that if you go along to that buy this and that to be stronger, you must p a y a l o t. Control one out of 21 champions that specialise in either melee, support or ranged combat, from Bakko, the heroic brawler, Jade, the long-range gunner, to Blossom, the ultimate team support.

Play Pokemon Mega online now! http://h5.pm.instantfuns.com/
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